Social Skills Groups


Also, “Finding the right combination to treat Autism” is more than just our slogan.

It’s our commitment to help each child face the unique challenges they are up against every day.

Our goal is to encourage peer interactions with the use of a clear and consistent behavior plan to establish independence.


Steps for Enrollment in a Social Skills Group

  1. An application must be filled out. You may either print the downloadable Social Skills Application and email it to or fill out the form here.
  2. We will schedule an assessment/evaluation (child must be physically observed by one of our staff) **This is free and will last 30-45 minutes**
  3. The staff will find the best group for the student based on the above steps and then notify the parent on the current availability. The student will either be accepted into a group or placed on a waiting list.  We will  keep you updated via email as to the dates and times of social groups, as well as any changes in scheduling that may occur. Feel free to contact Dustin at or by calling (615) 376-0034 for  more information.